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          Unitary air conditioner

          Unitary air conditioner

          1. Operational reliability

          As the evaporator of the low-temperature air conditioner is prone to frost and traditional defrost method of electric heating features low efficiency of the unit, new defrost concept is adopted in which low-temperature air conditioners abandons the traditional defrosting mode by controlling the condensing pressure and evaporating pressure, and achieves higher energy efficiency of unit operation. This technology has been patented.

          2. ?High efficiency and energy saving

          High energy efficient water-cooled and air-cooled unitary air conditioner can be provided. Its EER is much higher than the national level of energy-saving standards, reaching industry-leading level.

          3. High cost performance

          The 6th generation unit’s quality is stable and reliable. No need additional space design and reconstruction costs, simple and convenient, super cost-effective.

          4. Brand accessories

          The parts of main refrigeration system are from famous brand, such as international famous brand compressor with high performance, centrifugal fan with low noise and high efficiency, which are energy saving and reliable.

          5. High-end design, beautiful outlook

          The unit has optimized edges and corners, personalized design, fine processing technology, highlighting the high-end design and room.

          6. Multiple protection, safe and reliable

          Unit is equipped with multiple safety protection, such as high and low pressure, compressor over-current and overload, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the unit.

          7. Tailor-made design

          According to the user’s requirements (e.g.: Environmental refrigerants, air supply and return mode), can provide more customized designs, free to design the optimal environmental system solution.

          8. special treatment

          According to the specific application requirements, the unit can be provided with explosion-proof anti-corrosion functions. It is applicable in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, military, medical, where there may be ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC, T1 ~ T4 flammable gas, explosive gases with mixed steam and air of 1 ~ 2 areas.

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