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          1. Box structure

          ZK-series combined air treatment unit is composed of a concave-convex slotted panel which is directly assembled by the lap ring buckles. Each panel has a scientific and reasonable concave-convex slot on the four sides, which guides the assembly and makes the whole machine have better mechanical strength. The unique integrated molded aluminum profile is adopted to make the air leakage of the machine <0.1%, allowing the performance to overmatch the national standard and advanced level of the industry.

          2. Non-standard customization

          It has 36 available standard specifications. Different functional segments can be configured according to customer requirements. In addition to the basic configuration, the functional segments can be customized according to customers’ requirements. Through the combination of different functional segments, the assembled products can provide the performance beyond users’ expectations.

          3. Modular design

          The modular concept is introduced in unit design and production, and the size varies according to the module. The parts of the standard specification are applied, and it has a simple and compact structure, with flexible assembly and installation.

          4. No water accumulation

          The unique modular combination of adjustable inclination modularity with a water pan to realize gravity transfer, and the water pan will no longer bear the load of the upper heat exchanger and so on. Moreover, central welding is not needed to achieve modular assembly, and the V-shaped groove can prevent water accumulation. The inclination can be adjusted to realize the complete draining from the side outlet and no water accumulation in the water pan.

          5. High reliability

          All spare parts, fans, motors, heaters, humidifiers, sterilization equipment are all from famous brands, with superior performance.

          6. Intelligent control & energy efficiency

          According to the automatic control required by different industrial processes, ZK-series combined air processing unit has an intelligent control system, which is specially designed for different process requirements of precision manufacturing, textile, chemical fiber, petrochemical industry, medicine, operating room, clean workshop, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, electric power, aerospace and other industries. While ensuring all process parameters, the energy-saving requirement is fully considered to improve the control precision and reduce energy consumption.

          7. Special treatment

          According to the specific requirements of the use occasion, the unit can be treated with explosion-proof anti-corrosion. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine and other industries or occasions.

          8. Panel structure

          ZK-series combined air treatment unit is composed of a unique panel structure and a harmonious match between the external frame and the embedded metal internal frame. As for the unique external panel frame, it is a high-strength box fixed by a panel structure fixes the high-strength box body, as well as bolts and nuts. The embedded metal internal frame ensures the mechanical strength of the unit.

          9. Self-locking technology

          The splicing area of four corners on ZK-series combined air handling units can be accurately spliced. The panel frame aluminum profile is smooth after sand surface oxidation, and the steel plate and aluminum profile bring out the best color in each other, giving the unit a smooth and harmonious look.

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